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70th Anniversary 

There has been a village hall at Church Lawton since 1953, so this year marks 70 years of  gatherings and celebrations and serving the community.


The Old Hall

The hall was built following extensive fund raising by local people as a special memorial to all those who lost their lives in the two World Wars. It was a heroic and heartfelt project to remember those who had not returned following the conflicts, providing a meeting and gathering place for the ‘benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Church Lawton’. The original Lease and Trust deed, dated 30th July 1953, stated that the premises ‘shall be held upon trust for the purposes of physical and mental training and social moral and intellectual development’. 


The Current Hall

In the 1990’s, the original wooden structure of the hall was deemed unsafe and again local people stepped in to raise funds to rebuild the hall with modern facilities and meeting rooms. In 2023, Church Lawton Parish Council took over as the sole trustee. It has survived the challenges of the pandemic and with the support of a dedicated group of volunteers, it is set to continue to provide an important facility for the community.

It is now used every day or the week to provide something for everyone – Little Athletes, Body Control Pilates, Clubbersize, Line Dancing, Discover Dancing and Indoor Bowling as well as Afternoon Tea Dances and Keystone Support Centre. The Parish Council meet there and the PCSO holds regular surgeries there too. It is also available for private hire for weddings, family celebrations, parties, conferences, and other events.

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